Public places like malls, parks and restaurants all have the possibility of becoming a place of medical emergencies such as heart attacks or cardiac arrests. Possessing the knowledge and skills on what to do is crucial under such circumstances. In all cases of heart failures, every second that passes by in the absence of emergency treatment can mean the difference between death and survival for any patient. Proper intervention under such circumstances can help people stricken with such conditions avoid any permanent or long-term damage and maximizes their chances of surviving such life-threatening ordeals.

The primary focus of ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) certification is to familiarize and train practicing medical professionals on the timeline surrounding heart failures and exactly what to do in order to assist with a patient’s survival and restore blood flow to the brain as quickly as possible. Obtaining such a certification is a significant skill set for anyone working in the healthcare profession as well as increasing their value among employers.

Now while most people already know CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and how to perform basic life support, advanced cardiovascular life support takes these knowledge and skills to a new level by adding advanced functions such as setting up intravenous drips, intubation, defibrillation and interpreting ECG (Electrocardiogram) readings. ACLS courses trains students to identify early signs of heart failures and gives them the ability to intervene before such conditions advances any further.

Most ACLS certification courses are aimed at working healthcare professionals and offer the option between actual classes that offers the benefit of live on-hand sessions and online courses covering theoretical knowledge about the subject. The benefit of the latter is that it can be taken from anywhere without the hassle of working around schedules or attending a classroom setting which is ideal for many working healthcare professionals. Participants of ACLS courses need not have any prior knowledge about BLS (Basic Life Support) but most training centers do recommend it.

Selecting an ACLS certification course

Opting for the right ACLS certification course provider is important as it ensures that you are covering everything that the said course has to offer in accordance with the most recent guidelines set by the American Heart Association. More importantly, recent developments and innovations have changed the way these courses are introduced. For one thing, medications such as Atropine are not recommended any more in responding to cardiac emergencies. These changes make it important for medical professionals to stay updated on the subject which is why they must undergo ACLS re certification every two years.

To pass any online ACLS course, one must complete a final exam administered to assess the student’s knowledge on the subject. Depending on the course provider, students can retake the said exam up to 3 times. If one is still unable to pass after their last take then AHA guideline require that they start over in full. ACLS certifications are valid anywhere in the United States as well as in many countries worldwide although you may want to check on specific requirements in that region.



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